ruffled neck tie hand sewn necklacea purse hanging on a doorknoba green sweater neck warmer sits on a woman's neckfinal_wearing

I have created a large amount of tutorials for this website.  Sometimes I make more than one version and other times I don’t end up using the items I make.  Instead of having those items sit sadly in a box, I’ve decided to find new happy homes for them.

So, let the giveways begin.

Here’s how it will work.

1. I’ll post some images of the item I’m giving away.

2. If you have to have it, contact me here.

3. Tell me the following:

  • What item do you want (include the link to the post)
  • To whom and to where the item is being sent.
  • Why do you have to have it.

3. Pay the shipping fee. I will note what the shipping fee will be when an item is listed for a giveaway.  I will send a paypal request to you.

4. Wait a week or so and the giveaway will arrive to its new home.

5. Enjoy!

I would say “easy as pie” but this is WAY easier than making pie.

Please know that I will have a gallery with the items that have found new homes with your first name, the location of the giveaways new home, and the reason you provide for having to have it. If that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t ask for a giveaway item.

To see what is currently being given away by yours truly, click here.




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