Earth Purses


If Mother Earth carried a purse, I would hope she would choose one of mine. I take pride in the fact that I hand design and create one of a kind upcycled purses by reusing as many of the materials as possible.

Here’s a quick list of some of the materials that have been reused, re-imagined, and refashioned to create what you see below.

table cloth / martial arts belt / place mat /bed sheets / pillowcase / belt / silk tie / boxer shorts / khakis / denim jeans / sweater / dress /blouse / skirt / oxford shirt / curtain / pot holder / upholstery sample / picture frames / playing cards / fleece jacket / old painting (canvas) / blinds / buttons / zippers / vintage fabric

There’s a story behind each item I create and I share those stories with you on this website. Read about the Earth Purse collection, check out images, and if you fall in love, buy it. There’s only one of each, so get it while you can.

Have fun scrolling and browsing, and if you are interested in a custom work or have any questions, let me know. You can contact me here.

***CLICK the IMAGE for more DETAILS***

[table sort=”desc,asc”]
Pink Textured Placemat Clutch, Golden Embroidered Pillowcase Purse

$75.00, $145.00

[wp_cart_button name=”Pink Textured Placemat Clutch” price=”75.00″], [wp_cart_button name=”Golden Embroidered Pillowcase Purse” price=”145.00″]




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