cardboard turkey

How to Reuse a Cardboard Box to Make a Turkey Decoration

step by step image on how to make a cardboard turkey decoration

My favorite holiday is just around the corner! Thanksgiving is always so cozy, comfy, and full of deliciousness. I can’t wait! Having just moved to a new state, I found myself with a great deal of empty cardboard boxes begging to be reused. Combine the two and you get a Cardboard Turkey Decoration!

How to Reuse a Cardboard Box to Make a Turkey Decoration:

1. Cut 5 flaps from a cardboard box.

a knife cuts a cardboard box at the fold

2. Draw crown shapes (a small, medium, and large) on three of the flaps.

crowns drawn on cardboard

3. Cut out the crown shapes.

crown shapes cut from cardboard

4. Decorate the crown shapes. You can paint them, add paper, or fabric, whatever you want! I decided to have fun with a few fun fall colors.

painted cardboard

5. While the turkey feathers dry, draw and cut out a turkey head.

turkey drawing turkey head shape cut from cardboard

6. Draw and decorate the turkey face. I decided to keep it simple, but feel free to jazz it up however you would like to.

turkey face drawing on cardboard

7. Use your last flap of cardboard to cut a strip of cardboard that is a little shorter than your smallest crown and about 75% as long.

pieces of cardboard

8. Mark the rectangle to make 4 equal sections. Cut the lines about half way up the rectangle and fold them in opposite directions.

cardboard with short black lines drawn on them cardboard that has been made to stand upright

9. Cut a slit in the center of the turkey head and each of the feathers.

scissors cutting a piece of cardboard

10. Assemble your turkey and show it off!

cardboard turkey

11. Cut yourself a piece of pie, add some whipped cream, have a seat, relax, and enjoy.



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