Got Moths? Get Rosemary

a sprig of rosemary a piece of string and a square of cheese cloth  a small sachet of rosemary on a yellow placemat

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to keep moths away from your awesome wardrobe. Now, if you already have moths, you need to get rid of them first.  Then, use the rosemary to keep them from ever coming back.

1. Ideally, you are lucky like me and have a rosemary plant randomly growing in your front lawn.  But, if you don’t check with your neighbors.  Trust me, if they have one there’s more rosemary on it than they know what to do with.  And, if that’s not an option, just buy some fresh or dried rosemary at your local grocery store.

2. If you are using fresh rosemary, wash it.

3. Grab a square of cheese cloth (about 6 or 8 inches wide)

4. Put a stack of rosemary in the middle of your cheese cloth square.

rosemary is placed in the center of cheese cloth

5. Grab all of the ends of the cheese cloth and bunch them together.

6. Wrap the bunched part with twine and tie a knot.

a hand pinches a sachet of rosemary together in order to tie it together

7. Boom!

a small sachet of rosemary on a yellow placemat

8. Hang the rosemary in your closet and place it in your drawers.

a sachet of rosemary hangs in a closet

a sachet of rosemary sits in an underwear drawer

9. Change your sachets of rosemary on a quarterly basis or every change in season, whichever is easier to remember.


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