frozen carrots in an ice cube tray

How to Make your Own Baby Food

bunch of carrotsfrozen carrots in an ice cube tray

Rice cereal is just the beginning for babies!  They are in for a world of flavor.

Here’s how to make your own baby food at home. This particular recipe is for carrots and yields 24 servings, but you can follow the same steps for most vegetables.  Have fun!

What you’ll need:

1 small bag of carrots or 3 bunches of organic carrots

A veggie steamer system (steam basket and sauce pan or a rice cooker)

A blender, hand held blending tool, or food processor

2 ice cube trays


1. Peel all the carrots.

a carrot sites peeled next to a peeler on top of a cutting board

2. Cut the carrots into bite sized pieces.

bite sized pieces of carrots sit on a cutting board

3. Wash the carrots thoroughly.

bite sized carrots in a colander under running water

4. Steam carrots for 20 minutes. You’ll know they are tender enough when poking them with a fork almost makes them fall apart.

bite sized pieces of carrots in a steamer on top of a sauce pana fork holding a steamed carrot piece

5. Place your steamed carrots into your blending machine of choice.  Blend for 5 or so minutes until you get as smooth a consistency as possible.

bite sized carrot pieces inside a food processormashed carrots in a food processor

6. Scoop 1 Tablespoon of your homemade baby food into each ice cube section of the tray.

a tablespoon filled with mashed carrots

7. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.

8. Each morning grab the number of servings you’ll need and place them in serving dishes, then in the fridge.

9. When you are ready to serve either use a baby food warmer or float the bowl in a hot bowl of water to get the food to at least room temperature.


frozen carrots in an ice cube tray





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