two angles of the same baby's room

Easy Steps Towards an Eco-Friendly Baby’s Room

two angles of the same baby's room
Everett’s Room

I am a new mom.  YAY!

I’m discovering that babies come with a lot of stuff.  But, I’m also discovering easy and fun ways to be an eco-conscious mama.

Let’s start with the baby’s room.

Here are a few ideas to keep that new nursery green and environmentally friendly.

  • Don’t buy everything brand new.  

I love garage sales and flea markets.  They are so inspirational and I always leave with new ideas for creative reuse.  They are also a great place to find a dresser, crib, changing table, and all your possible baby furniture needs.  Not only will you save A TON of money, you will be stretching the life of each piece of furniture.

green vintage dresser used as a changing table
An old flea market dresser = brand new changing table!
  • Start a clothing swap.  

If you have friends that have babies close in age to your bambino, start a clothing swap.  Shop together, split the cost, and share the clothes.  Trade out with one another every few weeks or so. It will feel like you went on a shopping spree and have a whole new wardrobe for your kiddo.

  • Make your own baby clothes!

Not that new moms have a ton of time, but if you are handy with a sewing machine why not make a few of your own outfits?  I found a few inspirational upcycled newborn clothing tutorials here, and here.  You might also be interested in my baby dress from a t-shirt tutorial here.

  • Don’t buy toys, rent them.

Check out Baby Plays, an online source to rent baby toys for kids of all ages.  Select your choice of toys online and have them delivered to your doorstep.  Talk about learning how to share!  You’ll keep your baby’s room clutter free and it will feel like your birthday every month when new toys arrive.

  • Make a quilt from old tshirts.

I’m still working on one for my own bed, but might turn it into a quilt for our new baby boy. Quilts are handy for lots of things.  You’ll use them when you breastfeed, cuddle, eventually on the floor or couch when you need to put baby down to rest your arms.  Get a great tutorial on How to Reuse Old Tshirts to Make a Quilt by going here.

  • Creatively REuse materials to make your decorations.

Use an old book to make a collage, make your own baby name out of fabric scraps (tutorial here), or hang a fabric scarp mobile over the crib. (tutorial here).

two collage wall art pieces made from old children's books
My husband and I turned our favorite childhood books into collage wall art .

Any other eco-friendly, creative reuse tips I missed?  Share your comments below!



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