close up of a pile of coffee beans

Ten Ways to REuse Coffee Grounds

close up of a pile of coffee beans

image source = Red S.

I love coffee.  I love the smell, the taste, and the many, many reuses for the grounds after I’ve enjoyed my last cup for the day.  Coffee grounds can be used for so much more than just fertilizer.  I have discovered 10 ways to REuse old coffee grounds and wanted to share them here.  Share your favorite reuses for coffee grounds in the comments section.

1.  Combine coffee grounds with coconut oil and just a bit of brown sugar and you’ll have yourself a homemade body scrub for the shower. (

2. Get rid of the smell of garlic and onion from your hands by scrubbing them with coffee grounds. (

3. Make cleaning your fireplace less dusty by sprinkling your wet coffee grounds over the ashes before you sweep them up.

4. The next time your hair needs some shine work coffee grounds into your scalp and hair, then rinse.  This may seem weird, but coffee grounds can clog your drain, so you may want to to use your hose outside. (

5. Coffee grounds act the same as baking soda in the refrigerator.  Put a cup of old grounds in the back of your fridge to keep it fresh. (

6. The next time you go fishing keep your worms in coffee grounds to keep them fresher longer.

7. Let your used coffee grounds dry and fill part of an old nylon with them.  Hang your DIY sachet in your closet to absorb odors. (

8. Pour some coffee grounds down the garbage disposal to freshen it up and keep the blades sharp. (

9. Next time you give Fido a bath add some coffee grounds as a natural flea repellent. (

10. Coffee grounds make a great natural dye for paper.  Simply soak the paper in a bucket with water and coffee grounds. (


13 thoughts on “Ten Ways to REuse Coffee Grounds

  1. Used coffee grounds are also fabulous at keeping slugs and snails off seedlings. They won’t kill the slugs and snails but will keep them away from your precious plants. Free and best of all totally non toxic to animals and the soil.


  2. I just adore using coffee grounds to wash my face…it gets all the dead skin off and the oils in coffee leave your face very, very soft


  3. Used coffee grounds can be made into a dip to deepen the shade of a fabric that isn’t quite right, and especially to refresh black garments that are looking a bit worn. I just coffee-refreshed a black linen sundress and it’s good for another summer!


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