a purse hanging on a doorknob

How to REuse a Skirt to make a Purse

an old skirt is on a table top

I have an old cotton skirt I used to wear to the beach or around the house, but just decided it wasn’t really my style anymore. I decided it would look better as a big, slouchy, cozy bag. Here is what I did to turn an old skirt (along with a bit of an old shirt) into a cute and upcycled purse.

How to REuse a Skirt to make a Purse:

1. Turn the skirt inside out.
2. Sew the bottom of the skirt together.

the bottom of a skirt is being sewn together

3. Flip the skirt right side out.

4. Cut three strips of fabric from the bottom of a shirt (about 1 inch wide for each).

three strips of fabric have been cut from a tshirt

5. Cut the fabric pieces so they are strips instead of loops.

6. Tie the three strips into a knot.

three strips of fabric tied in a knot
7. Shut the knot into a drawer or a door, ask a friend or significant other to hold it…something that will keep it in place.

fabric secure in a drawer so you can braid it
8. Braid the 3 strips of fabric together. If you do not know how to braid, check out this link.

*The width of the shirt you use will determine the length of your handle. I used an XL tshirt for my handle*

9. Tie the end of the braid in a knot.

10. Pin the braided handle to your new purse and sew. I just did 3 lines of thread as the normal X inside a square wouldn’t work with the knot in the handle.

pin the handle to a purse in order to sew
11. What’s awesome about your new braided handle is that you can shorten it and turn your new upcycled purse from a messenger type bag into a shoulder tote in minutes. Just tie a knot at the top to make your handle a desired length.

a knot is tied in a handle to make it shorter

a purse hanging on a doorknob


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