Spotlight: Bold Doors 2012

 At this very minute I wish I lived in Boulder, Colorado.  Not just because Colorado is beautiful and near some of my family, but Boulder has decided to promote sustainable art making and creative reuse!

One way the city is doing this is through SMART (Sustainable Materials + ART!), The Center for ReSource Convservation and community art exhibitions like Bold Doors 2012.

banner image for bold doors 2012

Doors are symbolic – the concept of opening doors to new ideas and new opportunities is so engrained in Boulder’s culture and history – and from a waste standpoint, we use and discard so many of them.  Interior doors, exterior doors, cabinet doors, refrigerator doors…just start counting the number in your own home.  Then ask yourself where they go when a home or room is remodeled or “scraped” for replacement.  Fortunately, some are adopted through places like the ReSource Yard and find new homes as doors.  But there are thousands of doors discarded every year – some could be reinvented as very special, artistic doors while others could find new life as something totally different.  We can’t wait to see the creative ideas and works of art!


creatively reused door

Nicely done Boulder, Co + SMART + Center for Resource Conservation!

more info here and here


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