bouquet of magazine flowers

How to REuse a Magazine to make a Bouquet of Flowers

a paper red rose

Not that you should need a holiday to remind your honeybunny how much he/she means to you, but Valentine’s Day is as good as any to make him/her an extra special bouquet of flowers. It’s personalized, cost effective, and eco-friendly. Way to go YOU! Just follow these super easy steps and you’ll be impressing your sweetheart in no time with your creative reuse skills.

How to reuse a magazine to make a bouquet of flowers:

1. Take one piece of magazine paper and fold it about 1 inch.
piece of magazine paper

2. Repeat this step across the entire page. Tape in place.

folded magazine paper
3. Roll the paper into itself to create a paper rose. Tape in place.

rose from a piece of paper
4. Tape the new paper rose to the bottom right corner of another piece of paper.

magazine paper
5. Start rolling the paper at the bottom left aiming towards the top right.

rolling a piece of magazine paper
6. Roll the paper around the rose. (You may need to make small adjustments to make sure it looks good).
7. Tape the “stem”.
8. Make as many of these bad boys as your heart desires and hand them out and make people smile!

bouquet of magazine flowers



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