bright blue tin can flower planters hang on a brick wall

Creative REuse List: Soup Can

Winter always means extra cans of soup in our house.  I’ve been collecting a large amount of soup cans on my counter that are screaming to be reused!  Here are a few ideas I came up with and some links to my favorite soup can reuse ideas.

Light Your Way:  After cleaning your soup can and removing the label, drill holes in it.  You can make a pattern, or draw an image, whatever you like.  Put a tea light candle at the bottom and light it up!

Get Organized:  The easiest answer and the one you might use the most.  Clean your can and put your pens and pencils in it.

Plant Something:  I love this example (see below, click for source) of flower wall hangings by painting old large soup cans bright blue and planting white and violet flowers in them.  Such a great garden piece.

bright blue tin can flower planters hang on a brick wall

Simple Centerpiece:  Remove the label, wash well and dry and reuse your soup can as a flower vase.  A simple DIY wedding idea if you are having a casual reception.

Capture the Sun:  I don’t know if it works, but I found a tutorial that claims you can reuse soda cans to make a solar panel.  I wonder if you can do the same thing with soup cans?  Tutorial here.

solar panel made from aluminum cans

Make More Soup:  Use an old soup can to make a portable stove for camping.  See the video below for a tutorial.

What are your favorite ways to reuse empty cans?  Share them here or comment below.


7 thoughts on “Creative REuse List: Soup Can

  1. Has anyone seen ideas for reusing the sanitary shelf packaging that most packaged broth comes in, as do some tomatoes (instead of cans) and milk that does not have to be refrigerated until opened? I have heard this packaging is not recyclable. We try to avoid buying this packaging, but find the stock/broth options are extremely limited otherwise. Although I make my own vegetable stock frequently, I just don’t have enough scraps to make enough stock for all of my needs and have to purchase it quite often.


    1. Hi Jordan,

      Great question. I would love to hear any suggestions that anyone might have. The first thing I thought of was cutting off the tops and using them to organize a shelf, drawer, or studio table. I will think of other ideas and post them as I come up with them. Good for your for making your own veggie stock and being mindful of what’s not recyclable! Thanks for the comment.



  2. The soda cans are being used to heat water and are far superior for that use than soup cans because aluminum heats up faster, and the thin walls would allow the water to heat up faster than the same idea using soup cans. Sorry. But I still love that use for soda cans….


  3. OH MY! I DO need to apologize. I assumed the project was to heat water but it was actually heating air! A solar powered heater for this guy’s garage during the Vermont winters…..still, an interesting use of materials and a way to use the leftover parts from broken vacuum cleaners too!


  4. Many exciting things in Vietnam. We used to cook by using this kind of stove for several years ago and now at countryside

    Lò trấu


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