Get that stain out of my shirt!

It’s always a bummer when you spill your lunch on your shirt when your work day is only half over.  “Whoops,” I said to myself last Friday while I was eating my salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Perfect time to learn a new home remedy for stain removal!

For this round, I decided to test the old wive’s tail of pouring hydrogen peroxide directly on a stain.  Just a side note, this stain set for about a day.

***My Dad wrote me a note after this originally published and I thought it was appropriate to share***

One thing about hydrogen peroxide to watch out for is that it may bleach out some color from a fabric and one might want to try the process on a spot in the fabric that will not show if the color is removed or partially eliminated.

bottle of hydrogen peroxide sits on a sweater with a stain on it

stain on a striped shirt

red clock on a yellow wall

hard to see stain on a shirt

Now, the stain didn’t completely disappear, but I think after a wash it will hardly be noticed.  Nice job hydrogen peroxide.

Super easy stain fighting home remedy.  Woot!


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