Creative REuse List: Tights

I have been wearing a great deal of tights this winter to keep my legs from turning purple while on my way to work. So, now, after a few months, I have a few that I can’t really get away with wearing anymore. Tights, pantyhose, whatever you like to call them, have so many great reuses. So, keep them around, even when you can’t wear them anymore.

My Top Ten Favorite ways to REuse Tights:

1. Treat yourself to an oatmeal bath. I learned, after receiving the worst sunburn of my life, that filling pantyhose with some dried oats, and using it in the bath with you (get it wet in the tub), soothes red skin and prevents peeling.

2. Keep your drawers fresh. Fill your tights with potpourri and tie in a knot. Put in your drawer or hang in your closet to keep it smelling fresh.

The Daily Green has a few awesome ideas:

3. Chemical free pest control. Wrap your melons and squash in pantyhose to keep pests away.

4. Fun with Photography. Experiment with putting tights over your camera lens while you take a photograph to see what types of textures it creates.

5. Keep it dry. Fill pantyhose with kitty litter and hang in moist-prone areas to keep them dry and prevent mold and mildew from appearing.

6. Make your own hair tie. Just cut a 3 inch section across the legs and viola! you have a new hair thing.

7. Patch a hole. Have a window screen with a hole in it? Before you replace the screen, use an old pantyhose to repair it temporarily. Use rubber cement to secure the pantyhose to the screen.

8. Save room in your suitcase. Do you roll your clothes when you pack? I do. The smaller the luggage the better! So, the next time you roll your clothes, put them inside pantyhose (with the toes cut off so they are open on two sides) to keep them from unrolling.

9. Stay Warm. Fill part of a leg (size is your choice) with some rice and tie the top in a knot. On a cold night, stick your rice tights in the microwave for a short time to heat them up. Put the hot rice on your neck, feet, or legs to warm up quickly.

10. Keep trash tight. Use a circular strip of your tights and place it around your trash bag at the top of the can to keep it from moving when it starts to get full.

As always, I have referred to one of my favorite books Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things for some of these ideas.

I would love to hear your favorite reuses for an old and tired pair of tights. Please share them in the comments below!