photograph of a husband and wife with wine and dinner

What are your Creative REuse New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year Creative RE-Users!

photograph of a husband and wife with wine and dinner
We celebrated New Years with sparkling wine, pork chops wrapped in bacon, and mashed potatoes.

I am looking forward to 2012 and all it has to offer. I wanted to ask, what are your Creative REuse Resolutions? How will you make an effort to buy less and REuse more? What recipes will you learn to make at home? How will you help out the environment this year? I would love to hear your creative reuse resolutions. Send them to me HERE.

Here are a few of my New Year’s Resolutions.

*Continue on my quest to refurbish my current wardrobe.
*Learn more about what my city actually recycles and try to only buy items wrapped in recyclable packaging.
*Support local businesses. I learned about the 3/50 Project at FLAX in San Francisco and was inspired to add it to my list. Maybe not creative reuse, but supporting local business is always good!
*Learn how to make homemade dog biscuits.
*Add 12 more creative reuse tutorials to the website.

That’s just a start. Can’t wait to check all of that off my list. Cheers to the NEW YEAR everyone!