Happy Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite holiday.  Any day centered around food is awesome in my book.  I wanted to share a few tips on how to have an environmentally friendly Thanksgiving feast and day.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Happy eating!

  • Make a centerpiece from food your going to eat.  Now, this may be a form of torture in some folks’ minds, but those pies sure are pretty before we start digging into them.  And they do smell nice too.  Get yourself a few vintage cake plates and use those lovely desserts as table decor!
  • Purchase your frosty beverages locally.  Or, make your own!
  • Walk to the party. Lose calories and give a little back to Mother earth.
  • Make a table runner from fallen leaves and branches.  Have a yard full of fallen leaves and branches?  If they aren’t too messy, bring them inside and spread them across the table as a sort of table runner.  Less will be more in this case.
  • Get those fancy cloth napkins out.  Adding a few cloth napkins to the next load of laundry is so much better than having half a trash can full of paper napkins.  Haven’t you noticed that a person can go a whole night with one cloth napkin, but uses about 4 paper napkins?
  • Make it festive with candles.  Check out these super cute candles in old tea tin cans.  Make them even better by making soy candles!  Tin can tutorial HERE, soy candle tutorial HERE.
old tea tins turned into candles sitting on a table
  • Use reusable doggie bags.  Use tupparware instead of plastic baggies and tell your friends and family to make sure the reuse them in their own kitchens.