Creative REuse Artist: Keri Rosebraugh

gargoyle drawn on reclaimed wood with accents of color made from trash

Her latest work grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  I love the combination of media and message in Keri’s art work.  If I were in L.A. I would have certainly attended her latest exhibition at Co-op 28 Gallery.

Not only does Keri use re-claimed wood for her canvas, she adds punches of color with trash she collects outside her own residence!  Way to pick up litter AND re-use it.  Double points for Ms. Rosebraugh.

gargoyle drawn on reclaimed wood and accented with colorful trash

They are exquisitely executed, creepy, and fantastic.  I love her message (of course) and the creative way she has found to deliver it.

Spend some more time with Keri’s work and such on her website HERE.