photograph of the inside of a closet

Don’t buy clothes for a year.

photograph of the inside of a closet

I received an email this week from one of my wonderful readers requesting advise on how to keep a clothing collection going strong for a year straight.  This reader is ambitiously attempting to not purchase an article of clothing for A YEAR!  First off, I say WHAHOO! to you for challenging yourself.  And, second, what an adventure these next 365 days are going to be for you.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

A stain is just a stain. Cover it with a brooch, add a ruffle on top of it, embroider over it, sew a heart over it.

Repair those tears.  Try a patch of new fabric or embroidery floss.  From then on out, wash on delicate and hang to dry.  Have fun with the stitches and maybe they’ll turn into a cool new design.

Change it up.  Turn your cardigan into a skirt or your t-shirt into a headband.  Think outside the box of normal uses for the article of clothing, get experimental and have fun!  You will be amazed what new uses you’ll come up with.

A few pieces of inspiration:

Screenprint! This is a super fun way to turn a sad shirt into a brand new original design work of art!  Check out my tutorial HERE.

Turn summer into winter.  Add long sleeves to your t-shirts, add some extra layers onto your short skirts, make yourself a scarf from an old shirt.

Turn winter into summer. Turn a long sleeved shirt into a tank top, make your old pants your new pair of shorts, turn a scarf into a headband.

Throw a clothing swap party.  At the point where enough is enough and you are sick and tired of your clothes, throw a party!  Tell all of your friends to bring over a snack and stack of their least favorite clothes.  Trust me, they will become your new favorites, for FREE!  Half of what I wear I got from a clothing swap party.

And, for more inspiration, visit a few of my favorite refurbished clothing websites/blogs.

I will eventually turn all of these tips into their very own detailed posts, but I wanted to get answers out quickly for my lovely reader!

Good luck!