A Turkish bank takes steps towards a sustainable business

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I was excited to read yesterday that Akbank, a Turkish bank, has decided on full disclosure when it comes to it’s environmental impact. According to an article by Nathaniel Parish Flannery, a contributor to Forbes,

…Akbank, a Turkish bank, was recognized by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for being the first Turkish bank to disclose a GRI-compliant sustainability report.  In the report, the company discusses its workplace safety record, environmental performance and social contributions in detail.  For individuals and institutions interested in using investing as a tool for promoting good corporate behavior and helping reduce the ecological footprint of major companies’ operations, such disclosure is critical.

As a consumer and stock holder I do as much research as I can before deciding on a company to support. I feel as though the “consumer vote” is an important one and we should remember it every time we decide to make a purchase. A bit WAY TO GO to Akbank, but it seems as though we have a ways to go.

According to GMI, the New York City-based environmental, social, governance (ESG) research firm, right now less than one third of the world’s 4,200 largest publicly traded companies disclose their environmental performance records to the public.

Here’s the link to the full article: forbes.com