Top Ten List: White Vinegar

I have to say, Vinegar is pretty amazing and can be used in a variety of ways.  It is on my list of favorite staple items to have around the house. From your sink to your dog to your rugs, vinegar has something for all of them.

Keep your drains flowing free.  To keep my drain from clogging I keep up a weekly routine of pouring 1/2 cup of salt followed by 2 cups of boiling vinegar.  Follow that by hot water from your faucet for about 30 seconds.

Brighten your dingy digs.  Take 1 cup of vinegar combined with 1 gallon of water and brush your tired and old rugs and carpets with it.  Let it dry and watch the life come back into them.

Make your microwave shine.  Combine 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in a microwave safe bowl.  Place the bowl into the microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes.  Let the bowl cool, then dip a sponge into it and clean away!

Clean up that candle wax.  If candle wax drips onto your wood table, use a blow dryer and vinegar to remove it.  First, heat up the wax with a blow dryer and use a paper towel to dab up as much of the hot wax as you can.  Then, with a cloth soaked in equal parts water and vinegar, wipe up the remaining wax.

That comfy leather couch.  Combine vinegar and boiled linseed oil (equal parts) in a squirt bottle.  Mix it up, spray it on the leather.  Spread the liquid evenly with a cloth and give it a couple of minutes.  Use another cloth to wipe the couch again.

Have longer lasting nail polish.  Wipe each nail with a cotton swab of white vinegar and let it dry before you paint them.

Clean your pups ear.  Use a cotton ball with vinegar to clean your dogs ears.  MAKE SURE your dog has no current cuts in his/her ears.

Breath life back into your paint brushes.  I am a lazy artist and sometimes get so excited about the work I just made that I forget to clean up.  So, a few days later I soak my paint brushes in vinegar to let the dried paint loosen up.  Then rinse them in hot, soapy water.

Keep the grease clean.  Use a damp cl0th with equal parts water and vinegar and wipe down your kitchen tables and counters to remove grease stains. MAKE SURE you don’t use vinegar on anything marble, travertine, or limestone.

Get rid of wrinkles.  Spray your wrinkled clothes with 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water and hang them to dry.

If you want to see 115 more uses for vinegar check out my resource for this blog post:

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