How to Reuse a Sweatshirt to make a Steering Wheel Cover.

I drive a 1993 Jeep Cherokee.  I couldn’t imagine ever owning another car.  Ralph is perfect.  The right color, size, comfort, everything.  He’s getting up there and beginning to show his age a bit.  One area that it seems to be most apparent is the steering wheel.  Over the years a black sticky goop has grown onto the back side of it.  I know, super gross.  The other day I was in my studio and noticed a lovely green sweatshirt arm hanging out on my table.  It hit me.  That had to turn into my new steering wheel cover!  And so the adventure began.

the arm of a sweatshirt sits on top of a steering wheel

How to Reuse a Sweatshirt to make a Steering Wheel Cover:

1.  Measure the circumference and the thickness of your steering wheel to make sure the sweatshirt arm will be long and wide enough to cover half of the wheel.  You will be cutting the fabric in half lengthwise and making the cover from two pieces.

measuring tape around a steering wheel with a hand holding the measuring tape fabric sits on the top of a steering wheel

2. Cut your sweatshirt arm open along the seam.  Cut the sweatshirt arm in half lengthwise.

the arm of a sweatshirt is cut open along its seam a sweatshirt arm is cut in half lengthwise

3.  Cut each piece into a rectangle.

green fabric being cut by scissors

4.  Take one piece and cut holes across from each other at each end of the fabric.  Cut the hole about 1/2 inch from the side of the fabric and separate each hole by 2 inches.

a finger pokes through a hole cut into fabric

5.  Place the top half of your cover on to the steering wheel and use yarn to tie the first hole tightly to the steering wheel.  If you can tie the yarn underneath a part of the steering wheel it will help the fabric from falling as you secure the rest of the fabric.

black yarn ties a green fabric to a khaki steering wheel

6.  Use a very long piece of yarn and go in through the front hole, out through the back hole, then over the steering wheel.  Repeat with the remaining holes.

black yarn goes through two holes of fabric black yarn wrapped around green fabric

7.  Tie the yarn to itself and make a knot.

a knot tie with black yarn around green fabric

8.  Repeat this process with the bottom half.

9.  Make sure to tie the ends of each piece tightly to the steering wheel.  It helps to go around the steering wheel a couple of time.

wrapping black yarn around green fabric that sits around a steering wheel

Take it out for a test drive!

a complete steering wheel cover from a sweatshirt