Creative REuse List: Books

a close up shot of a shelf full of books

My husband and I own a great deal of books.  Some we have read over and over, others we have yet to open.  We are big dorks for books and always walk away from a book store with something new in our hands.  So, what can you do with those books you love when you can’t read them anymore.  Or, what if you buy a book you already own?  Who does that, right?  Um…me.  Here’s a list of some fun ways to reuse a book, be it old, a repeat, or something you downloaded on your kindle for easier reading.

Trade it in.  A good book is always worth sharing.  Start trading your old books with friends or strangers to liven up your collection with something new.  A super easy way to keep your library the same size too.  Try bookmooch or bookins if you are looking to trade worldwide.

Headboard. Need to add some color or structure to your bedroom?  Why not use old book covers and create your very own headboard.  Make it personal and use your favorite books!  Get the tutorial here.

a headboard made out of books

Keep your stuff safe.  Hollow out an old book and hide extra cash in your bookshelf.  Just don’t forget the title of your new safe!

Step up.  Use old hardbacks as a new cool looking stepping stool.

a stack of books placed in front of a fire place being used as a stepping stool

Light it up.  Make yourself a book lamp.  There are tons of options out there for you to be inspired by.  Click the image of your favorite for more info.

a lamp made from a book a hanging lamp made from a book a desk lamp made from a book

Plant it.  Plants and books are both good for your mind, body, and soul.  Why not put the two together?  Watch the video here for a tutorial.

a book has been turned into a planter


Photo frame.  Use your old hardback as a unique way of showing off the special someones in your life.

a book with two photographs attached to it using binder clips

Business card holder.  A book is a beautiful thing.  Business card holders are usually so boring.  Use a book as a business card and I guarantee more people will notice them.  For more information on the sample below click here.

a book used as a business card holder

Shelve it.  Keep your books on a book, that’s crazy talk.  But, kind of cool too.  My favorite version is the simple one book shelf, seen here by sheknows.


wall shelves made from books

And, of course, I am always a stickler for making your old stuff into a new work of ART!

book pages hung as an art installation stack of books with a tree cut out of them

(left image source here.) (right image source here.)