Top Ten Creative Reuse List: Popsicle Sticks

Popsicles are a summertime must have.  Here are a few ideas about re-using them when fall starts to eek its way in.

Obvious answer. Make more popsicles! Over at The Mother Huddle you’ll find a list of fantastic choices for recipes.

In case of an emergency. If the kiddos (or adults) are running around and someone gets hurt, use that popsicle stick for a readymade splint!  Then, of course, get yourself to the doctor.

Keep your stuff tidy. Make yourself a popsicle basket to hold pens, mail, and other important stuff.  Paint them fun colors first to add a bit of spice!

baskets made from popsicles as seen from above

tutorial HERE

Name that plant. Use popsicle sticks make wonderful plant label.  Just write the name of the plant on one end and stick the other end in the ground near your plant.  You will never get lost in your garden again.

Keep cool.  Make yourself a paper fan and stay cool on those extra hot days.

a color full fan made from paper and popsicle sticks

tutorial HERE

Paint tracker. The next time your home needs a painting update, keep some extra popsicle sticks around to keep track of which paint color was used where.  Dip one side in the paint and let it dry.  Write the name of the paint color and where that paint was used on the opposite side of the popsicle stick.

Make a bracelet.

stack of bracelets made from popsicle sticks

tutorial HERE.

Wall art. Need or want a simple work of art that feels sculptural?  Create abstract mixed media works with painted popsicle sticks.  This is great for kids and adults.  A simple way to have a unique work of art for your home.

three framed works of popsicle stick art hang on a white wall

tutorial on this work HERE

Say something. You can decorate a children’s bedroom with his/her name or come up with a nice message to hang on the wall.  Cut your sticks, glue together the letters, paint it and you’re done.

One of the most unique purses you will ever own. Don’t know if you would call this practical, but certainly fun.

purse made from popsicle sticks

tutorial HERE


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