Quick Tip: Make it yourself.

My friend was making dinner for me one night and let out a huge heavy sigh as I examined a store bought carrot curry soup box to see the ingredients that were used.  She poked fun at me and said, “You’re going to go and try to make that yourself now aren’t you?” I simply replied, “Of course!”

I love to try and make store bought yummy delicious food on my own.  It keeps life interesting, is a really fun challenge, and keeps some chemicals out of my body (which I really like).  If you store them in reusable storage containers you will save on packaging and, in most cases, making it yourself will save you some money.  And, cheapskate me, loves to save money.

The next item on my “Make it Myself” list is OREOS.  I love oreos, there is nothing else like them.  I googled to see who else out there has attempted to re-create the awesomeness that is oreos.  Look at these (via smittenkitchen)!  They look perfect to me.   I can’t wait!

image of homemade oreos stacked on one another



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