Canning Homemade Chai

I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I love Indian food.  I don’t know that there is anything else that I would choose to eat when I get to vote on what our take out order should be.  Along with Indian food comes chai tea.  It has been a fun adventure to try and make our own homemade chai that competes with our local Indian restaurant.  I won’t really be able to give you a solid recipe on this blog becaue I kind of just go with what I feel on the day I make it.  But, I can give you the spices you will want to start experimenting with.  And, I can show you how to can it to have it always on your shelf ready to drink at anytime!


Cinnamon sticks




Cumin (just a little)

Black pepper (just a little)


Making the Chai:

First, boil the water and the spices for 20 minutes.  Add the milk (milk to water ration is 1:2:).  Cook until the milk boils.  You will hear a hissing sound right before the chai goes into a crazy boil, so listen for that.

Here are a few links to recipes to get you started on your road of creating the perfect cup of chai for yourself.

The Canning Process (you will need a pressure canner):

*I suggest getting a box of canning tools and they are extremely helpful in this process.

1.  While your chai is in the process of being made, place your lids in a pot of water and keep them warm over medium heat.  Fill the jars half way with water, place in canning pot.  Add 3 or so inches of water to the canning pot and keep hot under medium to high heat.

jars filled half way with water are placed in canning pot and kept warm

2.  When the chai is ready, strain it.

a strainer holds the leftovers from chai tea that has been strained

3.  Take a jar out of the canning pot, one by one, and pour the water that is in the jar into the canning pot.  Place the jar on a wood surface and fill to the brim (leave 1/2 inch at the top).  Place seal and then the ring on the jar and use the closing tool to tighten.  Place filled and closed jar back into the canning pot.  Repeat this process for the remaining jars.

funnel is used to fill jars with chai

using a tool to tighten the lids on a canning jar

4.  When all of the jars are filled with the chai, fill the canning pot to the line that is recommended by the manufacturer.

5.  Place the lid on the canner and close.  Make sure the steam line is open and heat on high for 10 minutes.

6.  Close the steam line and let pressure build up to 10.  When it reaches 10, cook jars for 25 minutes.

7.  Turn off heat and let pressure go back to 0.  Open lid and use tool to remove jars from canning pot.

jars filled with homemade chai


One thought on “Canning Homemade Chai

  1. I was never able to drink the Chai in India because they make it way to sweet. This recipe sounds really good, though and I’m going to give it a try as soon as I get my hands on the necessary ingredients.


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