I am becoming my grandmother.

small plums, blackberries, and string peas in separate bowls on a table

My pantry is starting to remind me of my grandmother and grandfather’s pantry.  It was full of ball jars of jams, soups, sauces, you name it.  I always liked to the look of it and now I love the function of it.  I am beginning to get obsessed with canning everything.  I have already run out of jars!

This is our first summer in our new home, so we are discovering new things about it on a daily basis.  The last few weeks have proven to be educational in the backyard department.  We have 3 trees that fruit small plums, 1 that fruits large plums, and a blackberry bush (that I had no idea was there until my friend’s son pointed in out to me 🙂  ).  Needless to say, we have been picking tons of fruit lately.

On top of the fruit discovery our garden is starting to produce some lovelies as well.  Our string beans are amazing and never quite make it into a meal because we just eat them all right after we pick them.

We picked way more small plums than could be eaten fresh, so I decided to practice canning them!  I loved eating canned peaches and pears growing up, so I thought that plums would be something I would like as well.

raw plums placed in ball jars for canning

plums that have been canned raw

I am looking forward to finding creative ways to use up the several dozen plums that seem to grow on a daily basis.  I will keep you updated on that creative process.  I will take any ideas you have got.  I made a jam with a different type of plum I discovered growing and will share that later this week.


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