How to reuse a silk tie and hand sew a ruffled necklace

After a whirlwind of a few vacations, from New York City to Fairbanks, Alaska I am back home and back in action.

urban city scape of new york city landscape of denali

Today I would like to share a quick tutorial with you on creating your very own hand sewn ruffled necklace from an old silk tie.  I think this tutorial is so fun because you can really just be inspired by it and create your own look with a silk tie.  My favorite part about this new necklace of mine is that it sits a bit sideways on your chest.  I think that gives it uniqueness and a bit of character.  I would love to see what you create with your neck ties.  Send images of your creations my way via email (upcycledunlimited [at] gmail [dot] com)  Can’t wait to see them.

On to the tutorial.

How to reuse a silk tie and hand sew a ruffled necklace:

1.  Wrap the neck tie around your neck and measure (including enough to ruffle the fabric) where to cut the tie.  The length is up to you.  I wanted my necklace to sit at the top of my chest.

2.  Cut the tie to the correct length.  Mark where the top of the first ruffle will start.

3.  Place the tie so that it overlaps itself where the first ruffle will start.  Sew a straight line using the bottom layer of the tie as your guide.  I used red button thread so that it would pop against my yellow tie.

4.  Create your first ruffle and sew it in place.

5.  Continue to sew as many ruffles as you would like or until you run out of room on the bottom layer.

6.  You are finished!  Wasn’t that so fun?

7.  Find a place to show off your new creation!



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