Creative REuse Wedding Centerpiece.

To me the hardest part about the wedding centerpiece is what to do with all of the stuff AFTER the wedding.  What do you do with the hundreds of candle holders, the rocks, marbles, sand, whatever, that was used?  To avoid having to even ask yourself that question, I have found some of my most favorite ways to create a centerpiece that either REuses something or leaves you with little to nothing leftover at the end of the night.  All are so outstanding for the earth and for your budget as well.

Eco-frienldy, DIY, and Creative REuse Wedding Centerpiece ideas:

Decorate with your face. Gather up your favorite photos of you and your husband and your family from super young to the day you met and so forth.  Shop at garage sales, thrift shops, etc. for cheap photo frames.  Place them back to back in the center of your table for guests to giggle at, remember fondly and take the one they choose at the end of the night.  No need to make 1 per guest; I made around 15 or so for my wedding of 65 guests and that was plenty.

photo sit on top of a lavendar table cloth as a centerpiece

REuse Wine bottles for candles or flowers

clear glass wine bottles hold candles and light a table

photo courtesy of this is glamorous.

Spaghetti jars as flower vases or candle vases.

I am not sure if you can purchase Classico brand spaghetti sauce where you are, but I can and I did for my centerpiece.  My husband and I eat plenty of Italian food, so we had no problem using up a good number of jars to use as our wild flower vases for our centerpiece.  Super cheap and delicious way to create a vase! 

a mason jar holds a bunch of wild flowers

Grow an herb garden. If you have a good amount of time before your wedding, consider growing your own centerpiece!  An herb garden can serve several purposes on your big day.  The smell is fantastic, herbs make a wonderfully subtle centerpiece AND you can give it away to your guests.

herbs sit inside a wooden box

photo courtesy of greening your children.

For the artist in all of us. Grab a little inspiration from Andy Warhol and create classic, simple, and fun wheatgrass Campbell’s soup can centerpieces.

campbells soup cans hold wheatgrass

photo courtesy of family chic.

Put the cupcakes on double duty. Save yourself some time and money and have your cupcakes act as centerpieces while folks are mingling and enjoying their dinner.  By the time dessert is eaten at a reception, nobody is discussing the decor.  Trust me.

cupcakes on top of a box act as a centerpiece

photo courtesy of here comes the guide.

If you are in the mood to make your own cupcakes AND your own centerpiece, check out this tutorial on how to make your own rose cupcake centerpiece care of The Frugal Girls.

cupcakes made to look like a bouquet centerpiece

Origami. This is another two-for-one deal in that you can give these centerpieces away at the end of the night as favors!  Origami is so wonderfully complex and subtle at the same moment.  This would be a challenge to learn to do, but hey, if you are up for it, try to create your own origami wedding centerpieces!  Here’s a bit of inspiration for you.

oragami birds of paradise

photo courtesy of airstrip.

Here’ another version of a flower.  I have shared a video in a past post on how to make these yourself.  Check it out HERE.

origami flower centerpieces

photo courtesy of Michelle Mathis.

What other ways have you found to REuse stuff to make a centerpiece?  Or, did you have a DIY wedding – what did you do for your centerpiece?  Leave a comment or contact me to share your experiences and ideas.  I would love to hear them!


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