How to Reuse a blouse to make a wedding hairpin.

To awesome ladies pose for a photo opportunity

My dear long time friend is getting married on Saturday.  She’s the chick with the awesome shades in the photo.  Doesn’t this look the front of our 1980s CD or how ’bout a television show?  We’d make a great team.

In celebration of my friend’s nuptials I am dedicating this week’s blog posts to Weddings!  So, if you are looking for inspiring ideas for Do-it-yourself, creative reuse and eco-friendly wedding ideas, look no further than the next 4 days here on How to Reuse it Creatively.  I will be covering ideas for boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding favors.  If you are planning to tie the knot anytime soon, or not, or are like me and married and still get a kick out of clever and cute wedding decor, than stay tuned.  I hope to inspire the creativity in all of us to have an eco-friendly wedding.

To start the week right, here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to reuse old blouses to make a wedding hairpin.  Add this pin to an up do or down do for just a wee bit extra awesomeness.

How to REuse Old Blouses to make a Wedding Hairpin:

close up of a cream and khaki fabric flower hairpin

What I used:

One shirt with some stretch to it
One shirt with nice beading
Two buttons
Bobby Pin

1. Cut 2 different sized circles from the 2 shirts. Make the stretchy fabric the larger circle. To give you an idea about size, my larger circle is about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

two circles sit side by side.  one is cream and the other khaki.  the khaki one is larger than the cream one.  They are set on a light blue background

2. Sew around the edge of your stretchy circle. Gently pull the fabric towards you as you sew to create the wavy look.

the edges of a circle shaped khaki fabric have been sewn.  It sits on a blue background.

3. Place the smaller circle inside the larger one and stack the 2 buttons on top of one another.

a beaded cream circled piece of fabric sits inside a circled piece of khaki fabric
4. Sew the buttons to the 2 circles.

two buttons sewn to two pieces of fabric that have been cut into circles

5. Slide a bobby pin through the thread on the back of the hairpin.

a bobby pin is slid underneath a red thread


a wedding hairpin sits on the side of a redhead head.

And there you go. An easy, simple, classic wedding hair pin that is an easy do-it-yourself wedding craft. Have fun!

Do you have any do-it-yourself, eco-friendly, creative reuse wedding ideas and tutorials you would like to share this week? Leave a comment or send them my way!


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