How to Reuse a Pickle Jar as an Iced Tea Pitcher.

I had a friend in grade school that when asked what she wanted for Christmas would always reply, “pickles!”  Her parents would buy her a large gallon jug of the pickles you get at the state fair.  She was a happy girl for a few weeks during January.  I can relate as I, too, love a pickle every now and then.  So much so that I buy the big jug at Costco whenever I get the chance.  The glass jar that holds the pickles is so high quality that I didn’t want to just recycle it.  I knew there was a way to find another life for it and so I turned it into an Iced Tea Pitcher!

Here is How I Reused a Pickle Jar as an Iced Tea Pitcher:

1.  Eat all of the pickles in the jar.

2.  Fill the empty jar with hot water and soap and let it soak for a while.

large pickle jar filled with soap and water

3.  Rinse out the soap with warm water.

4.  Taste test time!  Fill your pickle jar with a little water and pour yourself a drink.  Make sure there isn’t any lingering pickle flavor.

5.  Use soap and hot water to get the sticker off of the jar.

large empty glass jar sits on a countertop

6.  Add 4 tea bags of your choice to the bottom of your new Iced Tea Pitcher.

4 tea bags sit at the bottom of a large glass jar

7.  Boil a bunch of water.

8.  Pour the water into your new Pitcher and let the tea bags do their magic.

a glass jar is filled half way with iced tea

9.  Let your tea cool and pour over a glass of ice.  Take a seat outside and relax!



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