Fantastic Finds: Ruffles

I am not the greatest at keeping up with the trends, but I will say I have noticed a great deal of blog posts and websites dedicating tutorials and space to ruffles.  I have no problem with this because I love ruffles.  I have a ruffled dress and a ruffled skirt on my things to do list that seems to continuously grow on a daily basis.  Anyway, back to ruffles.

I thought I would share my fun and fantastic finds that involve the lovelyness that is ruffles:

kojodesigns gives us a funky ruffled pillow!

a yellow ruffled pillow sits on a wooden chair

Midwest Magnolia shows us how to fancy up an everyday towel.

a green ruffle sewn to a white towel

As if baby girls aren’t already cute enough, imagine adding ruffles!  Homestitched will show you how.

a baby girl wears a white ruffle skirt

Add ruffles into your home decor with WhipperBerry’s Spring Wreath

a colorful ruffled wreath hangs on a door

Here is another ruffled pillow kojodesigns!

a white pillow with two circle shaped ruffles sits on a bed

Why not add a little ruffle flair to your tshirt?  Thanks Bromeliad!

gray drapery added to the collar of a tank top

If I missed any, do let me know!


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