Homemade Breakfast Cereal Recipe

granola with milk in a blue and white bowl

I have been making various mixtures of granola breakfast cereal for about a month and thought I would share a super simple recipe with you all.  I make a double recipe once a week and it provides breakfast every morning for my husband and me.


1/2 cup maple syrup

3 TB butter

2 TB oil (canola, veggie)

1 TB vanilla extract

4 cups oats

3 TB flax seeds



1.  Heat the butter, maple syrup, oil, and vanilla in a large stock pot.

2.  When butter is completely melted add the oats and flax seed to the stock pot and mix completely.

flax seed and oats poured into a stock pot

3.  Pour the mixture from the stock pot onto a baking sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

mixed oats poured into a baking sheet

4.  When granola is finished baking, let cool completely and then put in an air tight container for the week!

What is so great about this recipe is that you can add any specialness to it you would like.  Try raisins, cranberries, cherries, chocolate chips, walnuts, almonds, more and more.


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