Keep cats out of your garden.

a gnome stands at the door of a garden and protects it from intruders

I thought the gnomes my mom gave us would be enough to protect our garden.  There are 3 of them!  But, alas, my DIY husband noticed a pest had been rummaging through it.  Luckily, he noticed while he was preparing the soil and before he planted any seeds.  We determined quickly that it was not our lovely pups Neko, as most of the garden remained in tact.  When Neko digs, she really goes for it.  The paw prints were a great deal smaller than a dog print too.  Soon enough, we figured out that a cat was using our raised beds as a play pen/litter box.  After some searches around the Internet we discovered several people suggesting spraying ammonia around the edges of your garden to keep cats away.  So, we tried it, and you can too!

How to guard your garden from pesky cats:

1.  Purchase a bottle of Ammonia and a spray bottle from your local pharmacy.

2.  Fill the spray bottle up half way with water from the hose.

A man fills a spray bottle half way with water using a hose

3.  Fill the remainder of the bottle with ammonia.

A man fills a spray bottle with ammonia

4.  Slowly turn the bottle upside down to mix the water and ammonia together.

a man holds a spray bottle vertically in his right hand a man holds a spray bottle horizontally in his right hand

5.  Spray the perimeter of your garden liberally with the 50/50 water/ammonia mixture.

a garden with a man standing around the gate using a spray bottle

Your garden should be safe for up to 12 months!

So far, after spraying around our garden, the mysterious cat has not come back!



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