How to Reuse a Jacket to make a Skirt.

close up of a woman wearing an orange wool jacket standing in front of a white background

I love my $5 orange peacoat.  It has kept me warm for the last 10 years.  I decided over the weekend that it was time to say goodbye to the jacket and hello to a new upcycled skirt!

If you have an old jacket hanging around, here is a quick and easy way to transform it into a new skirt.

1.  Try the jacket on and find the spot wear you would like to cut it.  I wanted a high waisted skirt, so I cut mine about 6 inches under the armpit.

orange wool jacket with a cut through it underneath the armpit.

2.  Find a material to cover the cut side of the skirt.  I had an old pair of jeans that made a great fit.

3.  Fold and iron the 4 edges of the material.  Pin carefully to the top of the skirt and sew in place.

close up of denim and orange fabric sewn together

Your skirt is ready!

model wearing an orange wool skirt, navy blue tank and white short sleeve jacket standing on a wood floor and against a white background

Feel free to add any more details to your new skirt.  Add some more patterned fabric details, a flower, more buttons, a silk tie, whatever.

Have fun!


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