Creative REuse List: How to REuse Aluminum Foil

image courtesy of Icy Brian

I hope that everyone reuses their aluminum foil to cover their leftovers a couple of times before recycling said aluminum foil.  I would like to carry that ambition a bit further.  Let’s REUSE aluminum foil for more than just a cover for that plexiglass or tupperware whose lid has been stolen by the kitchen troll (or gnome, whichever you prefer).  Let’s find 10 awesome ways to REUSE aluminum foil.  Come on, it’ll be fun.  AND great for the environment (:

I love this tip from The Huffington Post:

Use aluminum foil to sharpen your scissors

  • Fold used foil so that it’s six to eight layers thick, then cut thru it a few times with dull scissors to instantly sharpen them.

And here’s a great kitchen use from Chasing Green:

Scrub your pots and pans

  • Wadded up foil can be used as a scouring sponge to clean stubborn, stuck-on food from pots, pans, ovens, barbeques, grills, etc.

If you always forget to buy dryer sheets like me, this tip from The Daily Green is just for you:

Replace your dryer sheets!

  • I don’t understand how it works, but if you throw a crumpled piece of aluminum foil into the clothes dryer, it seems to magically reduce static electricity. A true miracle of cheapskate science.

The Daily Green also shares a great tip for fixing a striped thread (I’ll be sending this tip to my DIY husband for our shower faucet that needs fixing!)

Fix a striped thread

  • People often say that I have a screw loose. When I do have a nut, bolt or screw with stripped threads, I wrap a little aluminum foil around the bolt or screw and try gently tightening it again. A quick temporary fix.

According to Greenopolis you can:

Cut ironing time in half

  • Put a sheet of aluminum foil under your ironing board. It will help to reflect the heat and iron both sides at once.

Keep silverware shiny! says:

  • Keep your silverware shiny by storing it on top of a sheet. This foil will slow the tarnishing process significantly. To polish silver, place a sheet on the bottom of a pan along with some spoonfuls of baking soda. Add boiling water to the pan and it will remove all tarnish from your silverware.

I found a couple of tips in my book, “Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things.”  Here are my favorites:

  • Clean up your necklace. Place aluminum foil at the bottom of a bowl and fill it with hot water, one tablespoon of bleach-free powdered laundry detergent.  Soak your jewelry for one minute.  Rinse the jewelry well and let it air dry.
  • Keep your drink safe. When you enjoy a sweet drink outside cover the top of it with aluminum foil when you aren’t sipping away at it.  It will keep the bees and other bugs away.
I would love to hear how you REUSE your aluminum foil.  Tell me tell me tell me!


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