Top Ten Reuses for Cardboard.

I have recently been on an organization spree. Honestly, it is a life long battle of mine as I am a obsessive collector of strange items that I may someday use in my art. In an effort to hide how much stuff I have actually accumulated, I decided to organize it and place it in longer lasting storage boxes. So, as I have been transferring from cardboard to plastic, I have become a proud owner of a large stack of cardboard. Instead of just recycling it, because that’s boring! I thought I might reuse it.

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Reuses for Cardboard (for today anyway):

  • Turn a favorite photograph into a favorite new puzzle. Thanks!
  • If you have a leaky car, put the cardboard underneath it while you try to figure out the problem. This will keep you from having to clean up a huge oil mess after your car gets fixed.

pink cardboard earrings
image courtesy of

  • And, if you are a jewelry artist, make your own necklace displays!  There is a great tutortial HERE.
  • Inhabit shows us that old cardboard can be refreshed and upcycled into a new lampshade.

And, don’t forget, you can always make ART!

photo courtesy of

  • Paul Ahern uses cardboard like a canvas and turns his and other’s snapshots into new pieces of art.  Check him out at

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