How to use old bread.

I threw a party for my husband’s birthday over the weekend.  We had lots of friends over to celebrate.  I made finger foods and pies for everyone’s enjoyment.  Our kitchen is now trashed and we have some strange combinations of leftovers that we will be snacking on for the rest of the week.  My kind of after party!

There is one lonely italian baguette sitting on my counter that I don’t want to throw away and is getting a bit to unfresh to just eat.  So, I thought I would spend the morning looking for creative ways to use old bread.

How to Use Old Bread:

The first ideas that come to mind when I think of old bread are bread crumbs and french toast. You can find both recipes and 10 other uses at

Real Simple has some great tips and some links to recipes that use day old bread.  My favorites are the Cheese, Onion, and Bread Souffle and Warm Bread and with Tomato and Ham.

Jeff Yeager has 10 suggestions for using old bread, including healing wounds, and feeding cats and birds.

If you can’t use the bread right away, slice it, stick in a freezer bag and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Day old bread never looked so good, huh?


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