Materials of Inspiration.


I have decided to let materials guide me and be a bit more intuitive when it comes to making my work.  I have a planner personality and that works well for a great number of areas in one’s life, even sometimes with art.  But, for the time being I feel like letting go and sort of playing and making stuff even if it seems weird or crazy to make.  Even if it is impractical and fragile and unrealistic.  Art is about experimentation and I wouldn’t be doing the field justice if I played it safe all of the time.  So, I let the materials guide me for this brand new necklace of mine.  It is flirty, fun, funky and unlike anything I have ever made.  And I love it!

close up of a woman's shoulder and neckline.  She is wearing a necklace of playing cards and ribbon.

This necklace is now for sale at my online store, upcycled unlimited.


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