New house, no furniture.

My husband, dog and I just moved from a one bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house. I feel like we are living in a castle compared to our last apartment. I mean, we have to yell quite load when I am in the front of the house and he is in the bedroom. It’s pretty awesome.

We have decided to act more like adults instead of college students and take the time to find the right furniture for the new place. We are currently eating dinner on our old patio table, but hope to make a dining room table from an old door sometime next year (watch for that post!) As for the living room/reading room, my husband is going to build some bookshelves and then we are thinking of getting ourselves some comfy chairs.

Comfy chairs are the main focus for me tonight. Can you get creative reuse AND comfort? Let’s find out.

Ok, not comfortable, but REALLY CUTE!

So, I have my great grandmother’s old suitcases that I use for simple home decor at the moment.  But, now I think I may call and ask my mom if she would mind me turning them into comfy and unique luggage chairs!  Thanks to for the photo!

suitcase chair

Not sure if I would qualify this as “comfortable” but I can’t say for sure because I have never had the privilege of lounging in a CD chair.

cd chair

photo from

And here are a few more ideas…..



silverware chair


wine cork chair


So, any ideas for me?  What would you reuse to make yourself a brand new comfy chair?


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