How to Reuse CD Cases to Make a Bird House.

We are having what I define as a “weird fall” here in the bay area.  We have been extra spoiled during the month of November.  It is actual hot today as I sit here and type this post.  Hot enough for the neighborhood kids to have a lemonade stand and make money.  So, although making a bird house doesn’t seem to be a fall activity to me, since it doesn’t feel like fall I feel like making a bird house.  Plus, I have a crap ton of old cd cases laying around that need a second life.

How to Reuse CD Cass to Make a Bird House.

1.  You will need 5 Cd cases.

CD Case Bird House

2.  Remove all of the insides from the CD cases.

CD Case Bird House

3.  The bottom of the house will be one full CD case with the back half of a CD case glued to the top of it.  That way when you put your bird seed in the house it is less likely to fall out.

CD Case Bird House

4.  Glue full CD cases across from each other to make the sides of the house.

CD Case Bird House CD Case Bird House

5.  Open a CD case and glue it to the top of the two sides.  Make sure the inside of the case is pointing upwards.  This will create another level that you can place bird feed on.

CD Case Bird House

6.  I decided to add a dorky painting on my bird house.  I thought the birds would appreciate the decorations.  If you are a dork like me, go ahead and paint your new bird house.

CD Case Bird House

7.  Take some fishing line and loop it around the top of your bird house.  Tie the two ends into a knot.  Do the same thing on the other side of your bird house “roof.”

CD Case Bird House

8.  Take another piece of fishing line and tie the two loops you just created together.  Take the rest of that fishing line and tie your tree house to a branch.

9.  Add some bird feed and enjoy the show!

CD Case Bird House


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