How to Reuse a Laundry Bag to Make a Skirt.

outfit_from_a_laundry_bag outfit_from_a_laundry_bag

So, I originally started upcycling this laundry bag to make a skirt, but as I discovered over the weekend it can also be a shirt or a dress.  So, turn it into whichever you would like or use it as all three!

Here’s How to Reuse a Laundry Bag to Make a Skirt:

1.  Cut the seam from the bottom of the laundry bag.


2.  Cut a slit along one side of the skirt (starting at the top of the skirt – the part you just removed the seam from).  You will need enough room to fold the top and create a seam and then fold it over again with enough room for your drawstring.  I decided to use a silk tie as my drawstring, so my slit ended up being pretty large.


3.  Fold each side of the slit and sew in place.  Fold the top of the skirt over and iron to create a crease.

laundry_bag_drawstring_skirt_tutorial laundry_bag_drawstring_skirt_tutorial


4.  Place your drawsting along the top of your skirt and fold the top of the skirt over the drawstring and pin in place.  Sew along the edge to keep your drawstring inside the skirt.  Be careful not to sew your drawstring to your laundry bag!

laundry_bag_drawstring_skirt_tutorial laundry_bag_drawstring_skirt_tutorial


5.  If you used a drawstring you can tie, then you are finished!  I added three buttons and a button hole to my silk tie to make it adjustable.  To add button holes, try on the skirt and pin where you want the button and the button hole to be placed.  Add them to the tie and you are finished!


6.  If your laundry bag has stains on it like mine does, add some extra fabric to add some fun!  I cut out hearts and added them at random spots.

So, how would you wear this outfit?

shirt from a laundry bag skirt_from_a_laundry_bag dress_from_a_laundry_bag

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