Cover for a Cheap Couch – Part Two

A while back I wrote a short note in hopes to inspire myself to do something with my cheap looking couch.

First steps first. I drew my couch and took detailed measurements.  I have made mistakes with fabric lengths in the past, so I wanted to make sure I measured correctly.  It became more obvious that I would need a lot of fabric to cover this couch.

It has been an uphill battle as I want to use entirely re-used material to cover the whole couch.  After two visits to my local creative reuse store and no luck I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find enough material to cover this beast.

Last week I was going through some of my boxes of fabric and ran into piles upon piles of denim jeans my mother-in-law sent me months ago.

pile of jeans

It hit me!  This was the fabric for the sitting cushions!  I will make denim pillowcases.  And so it began.  I learned quickly (for like the third time) that quilting TAKES FOREVER!  But, it was worth it.

So here’s a quick guide on what I did to make a pillowcase for one of my large couch cushions.

1. Cut all of the legs from your pants and start creating different sized “swatches” for your couch cushion quilt.

Cut the legs of the pants

2.  Start sewing the swatches together until you reach 2 inches more than the length of your couch cushion.  After you sew one swatch to the other (right side to right side) turn it over and iron the edges down flat.  Sew the edges down permanently.

sew swatches together photo

photo of how to iron edges down

sew edges flat

3.  Continue this process until you have enough material to cover your pillow.  I only went half way with the denim and decided to put a solid color on the bottom of the pillowcase.  I used an old brown table cloth for the bottom half.  I also made the top of the pillowcase about 6 inches longer than the bottom so that I could use buttons to close the pillowcase.

the top of the pillowcase

4.  In order to make the top of the pillowcase look nice when it is button closed you will need to crease the top and the sides and sew them to create a nice crease.

folded top edges

sew edges down

5.  Sew the sides of your pillowcase together (right side to right side) and then fold your case inside out.

6.  Sew button holes into the top of your pillowcase.  (I have a fancy buttonhole making machine part to my sewing machine.  I love it!)

sew button holes

7.  Put your couch cushion into its new home!  Fold the top of your pillowcase over so that it reaches the bottom of the pillowcase.  Sew buttons to the spot the button holes meet the bottom of the pillowcase.

wear to place your button


Now, see how it looks!

finished couch cover

What an improvement!

Ok, so I have one couch cushion cover down and four more to go!


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