How to Reuse 3 old items to make new Wall Art.

CD Wall Art

This is a three-in-one creative reuse-a-pa-looza! I was staring at the clock in my kitchen the other day and realized that it was lonely. I wanted to make it some friends to hang out with, but didn’t really know what I could add to a kitchen wall that would fit with the room. This afternoon as I was sifting through my boxes of random materials for inspiration I found three things: A Betty Crocker Cookbook, old cd cases, and last years Word-a-Day Calendar. So, I started reading the definitions and found some words that related to eating and food and the idea came rushing to my head. Word and Food Wall Art! So I made art, hung it up with the clock and now he’s happy.

Kitchen Wall Art with Cds

Make your own CD Wall Art!

Here’s How to Reuse a Cd Case, Word-a-Day Calendar and a Cookbook to make Wall Art:

1. Find words that relate to food and eating.

2. Find photos of food that you like in the cook book.

CD Wall Art

3. Cut the food photos so they will slide into the front of the CD case.
4. Cut the words pages so they fit nicely on the food photo. Use double sided tape to place the words where you like.
5. Slide your art into the case and you are done!

CD Wall Art

6. A lot of folks use velcro to hang their CD Wall Art to their walls. I don’t own the walls in my house, so I decided to go with adhesive. A lot easier to remove later on down the road.

CD Wall Art

7. Hang them however you like and pat yourself on the back for your 3-in-1 upcycled wall art.

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