Smell like a hippy.

My Dad would be so proud.

Since I was about 12 years old my dad has been trying to get me to wear deodorant instead of antiperspirant. He is not a fan of the aluminum in the antiperspirant. I would always try the weird smelling deodorants, but it wouldn’t last long. I was a teenager and sweat a lot! I was self-conscious. And, while the deodorant made sure I didn’t smell, it sure did not make sure I didn’t sweat! And, we all know I am a sweaty girl. Just read my post here about upcycling a shirt that has armpit stains.

The older I get the less I seem to care about pit stains. And, I have a goal to be as chemical-free as possible. My science geek husband likes to remind me that pretty much everything is a chemical; WE are chemicals. So, let me clarify. What I mean to say is unnecessary chemicals. If I can keep myself smelling fresh without any extras, why not do it?

Consider this the experimentation process. I am starting with Tom’s brand. It has lavender in it (my favorite!). We will see how long this one lasts.


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