Top Ten Reuses for Magazines.

My cool older brother has been sending me magazines by the truck load for the last few months.  I like the idea of sharing your subscription.  I will admit, it is nice to be on the receiving end rather than the sending.  But, my brother has always been nice to me when it comes to sharing.  He is also very supportive of my reuse it campaign and my artwork, so I have a feeling he knew I would find a better place for a stack of magazines instead of just the same old recycling bin.  So, that is my quest for the day.  What are the 10 best reuses, in my humble opinion, for magazines?

Sharing means caring. Be cool like my bro and send them off to friends after you are done reading them.  Then they can send them to their friends and then so on and so forth.

Make more paper. If the sun would ever come out in the Bay Area this summer, I would be making piles of new paper in my backyard.  Alas, the fog has taken over, so I will have to wait.  If you are feeling the heat of the sun in your neighborhood, shred those old rags and make some new handmade paper!  I will give credit where credit is due.  I was first inspired to make paper by this Instructables tutorial.

Decorate photo albums. When I was younger my friends and I used to cut old magazines apart and tape cool quotes and images we found to shoe boxes and plain photo albums to hold all of our keepsakes and memories.  I still have them!

Keep Wet Shoes in Shape. If you have to run in the rain and you come home with soggy shoes, stuff them with magazines so they keep their shape as they dry.  Magazines make cheap shoe and boot trees.

Never buy gift wrap again! Save those magazines for Christmas time or a birthday party or whatever and wrap your gifts in them.  A cheap and fun alternative.  You can also shred the pages to use as filler for a gift bag or box.

Make a dozen. The next time you think of buying your sweet someone a dozen roses, make them instead!

Here is a wonderfully easy to follow tutorial for one version of a magazine flower done by alamodestuff

And here another version of a paper flower

Save a place for everybody. How about turning old magazines into placemats for your next themed party?  I just got the idea while I was blazing through my Entertainment Weekly magazine.  James bond is on this week’s cover.  Just cut out your favorite images, take an old manila folder (or something sturdy), glue the images on top, and there you go!

Make some accesories. You can turn old magazines into beads to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  I think I just figured out what you can make all, or atleast most, of your friends for the Holidays!

I found a great tutorial from Sweet Tea Please from making a bead bracelet.

Hold some stuff. Make a bowl out of your pile of magazines.  Found a tutorial on

Make Art! I recently discovered artist Derek Gores and his magazine art.

There you have it, the Top Ten Reuses for Magazines.  The great thing about magazines is that there are so many more uses for them.  Make a flower vase, a card, decorate a wall, a photo frame, a mirror frame.  What do you do with your old magazines?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Reuses for Magazines.

  1. I am slowly working through my stack of magazines using this list! I am glad you two have found it useful as well. Happy Creating (:


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