Broken Stuff into a New Purse.

I don’t really know what to tile this post, but basically I have had a nice and sturdy pink box for years that has been holding all of my important stuff.  It broke the other day; the glue got old and the top portion of the box fell off.  Instead of gluing it back to the box I decided to upcycle it and make it into a purse.

This is probably the most impractical purse I have ever made!

Here is my tutorial on how to take broken stuff and turn it into a new purse:

1.  Fold your cardboard piece in half.  This will become the main part of your purse.  “Open” your purse as far as you would like it to go and measure the triangle it makes on either side.

2.  Pick fabric for the side of your purse and draw 4 triangles that will become the two sides to your purse.

3.  Place 2 of the cut triangles right side to right side and sew along the edges.  Keep one of the corners open enough so that you can turn the whole thing inside out and pull all of the fabric through.

4.  When you have flipped your triangle fabric so that the right side is out; fold the open edges in on themselves and sew along the edges of your triangle again.  Repeat for the other 2 triangles.  Fold each sewn triangle in half and iron a crease down the center.

5.  Pick fabric for the inside of your purse.  Measure so that it is 1/2 to an inch larger on all sides of your main cardboard piece.  Fold the excess fabric and iron a crease.

6.  With a hot glue gun, glue the inside fabric to your cardboard piece.

7.  Next glue half of the triangle to the edge of the inside of your purse.  Fold the fabric in half, put hot glue on the opposite side and then press the other side of the purse into the folded triangle.  Hold the purse closed for about a minute.  Repeat with the other side of the purse.

8.  Pick a handle and attach!


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