Top Ten Reuses for Dryer Sheets.

In February of this year, Dutch designers SpaceOperaForm used the technology behind fabric softener sheets/dryer sheets for an art installation.  When a person would walk through two sheets they would react to that person’s presence because of the static electricity.  Those large scale dryer sheets created a beautiful experience for viewers.

Dryer sheets seem to have endless possibilities.  I have collected 10 amazing ways to REUSE a dryer sheet.  Yes, this is AFTER you have used it to soften your clothes and get rid of that annoying static cling.  Amazing!


*When you are baking bread and you spill a little flour, reuse an old dryer sheet to clean up your mess.

*If you are like me and love to buy old books at random book stores, then you will love this one.  Stick your new old smelling books, stick them in a plastic bag that seals with some used dryer sheets and leave them there for a few days.  They will come out smelling fresh and new.

*Keep mice from coming into your house by stuffing any open spaces in your walls with used dryer sheets.  Mice will steer clear of chewing through them.

*If you have flyaway hairs, wipe them down with a dryer sheet and watch your hair relax.

*If your scissors feel a little dull wipe the blades down with a dryer sheet to make them smooth and sharp.


*Keep your luggage smelling fresh.  Just toss a few dryer sheets in when you pack.

*If you suffer from smelly feet and, therefore, smelly shoes them stuff them with a dryer sheet.

*Keep a dryer sheet at the bottom of your trash can (before your stick your bag in) t keep the odor from your trash filling up your house.

From Reader’s Digest

*Wipe your shower doors down with a dryer sheet to get rid of soap scum.

*If you just baked some lasagna and have some of it burned into your casserole pan, no worries.  Just fill the dish with hot water and stick a dryer sheet in the water.  Let it do its thing overnight.  The dish will be easy to clean in the morning.


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