How to Reuse a Necktie to make a Necklace.

Girls can wear ties too, you know.  They will just wear them a bit differently.  This tutorial has two tutorials in one.  I wanted to learn how to make a tshirt flower, and, at the same time, learn to make a necktie necklace.  So, that is what I did.

Here is how to reuse a necktie and tshirt to make a necktie necklace:

1.  Place the neck tie around your neck and pin it wear your clasp/button will go on the front.  Cut out any excess tie material from the center.  For my tie I cut 14 inches from each end and left the rest for another project.

2.  Sew each open side closed; then sew them together.

3.  To make a tshirt flower:

a.  Cut tshirt fabric into different sized circles.

b.  Use a needle and thread and sew around the edge of the circle.

c.  Pull the thread so the fabric bunches up togehter.

d.  To secure your new flower put the needle and thread through the center a few times.  Then, put your needle underneath the thread that is at the center of your flower.  Don’t pull it all the way through; just enough to create a loop.  Put your needle through that loop 2 times and then pull tight.

4.  Design your tie.  Use a button as your necklace clasp.

5.  Sew your flowers, buttons, button holes and whatever else you want on to your new necktie necklace.

I changed my design at the last minute….


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