Top Ten Reuses for Film Canisters.

I majored in photography for my under gradutate degree, so I have collected a great many film canisters.  They make great containers for miscellaneous small items that you need to keep close.  I use them when I go camping and to keep mints or coins in my purse.  Here are a few more of my favorite reuses for film canisters.

1. Carry sugar and spice and everything nice. The next time you go camping or have a BBQ at a park, take your spices in a film canister.

2. Light your fire. (From Keep your matches dry and neatly contained in a film canister.

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3.  Film screening. I love this idea for a screen!  This would take a while, but just glue your film canisters together and wha-laa.

4.  Curl your hair. Yep, just take the top off of the canister and wrap your hair around it.  Clip it to your hair by the open end.

5.  Jewelry box on the go. Film canisters make a great traveling jewelry box.  Put your earrings and necklace in a safe and secure place when you are at the gym or going for a swim, etc.

6.  Mix your paints. Create your favorite colors and paint away.

7. Protect your toothbrush. (via Cut a hole in the cap that is large enough to fit your toothbrush.  Every time you travel, just push your toothbrush into its traveling case.

8. See things a little differently.  Incredible Art Lessons gives a tutorial on how to make a Film Canister Kaleidescope.

9.  Keep your pills safe. Film Canisters make great cases for pills.  You can use them in your first aid kit for aspirin and the like, or when you travel to take your prescription pills with you.

10.  Keep your cats entertained. Put some dried beans or rice in a container and watch your cats go wild.

11.  Bonus!  Season your stuff. Make yourself some super cheap salt and pepper shakers.


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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reuses for Film Canisters.

  1. Hi, Nice website.

    I’m planning on using lids from film canisters to seal up jets on a broken spa. I have 3 but need 2 more and they need to be the same. They are exactly the same as the ones on your salt and pepper shakers.. Do you remember what film was in those canisters so I can buy more. Or do you have a few spares that you’d be willing to send to me (I’ll pay).

    Kev. Perth Western Australia.


  2. Hi,

    The black and grey canisters are most commonly used by Kodak and are readily available.

    They are generally sold at Coles in with the Stationery, a 3 pack of film is about $15.
    Alternatively, you can go to anywhere that develops film and ask if they have any, they’ll probably have a fair few that would normally just go in the bin.


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