Top Ten Reuses for Wine Corks.

Wine corks aren’t just for keeping your wine tasty and fresh.  You can reuse wine corks in almost every room of the house.  A cork board in your kitchen, a coaster in your living room, a pin cushion in your sewing studio, and perhaps a

Here are ten ideas on how to reuse a wine cork!

Start a fire. suggests that you keep old corks in a sealed jar filled with alcohol.  When you are ready to light a fire, place a cork or two underneath your kindling and newspaper and light them with a match.

Cushion your pins. Wine corks make an easy pin cushion.  The next time you finish that bottle of wine keep the cork near your sewing machine for your pins.

Let people know their place. Corks make super cute and cheap place markers for a dinner party and wedding reception.  Just slice part of one of the sides of the cork to create a flat bottom.  On the opposite side slice a small sliver into the cork to hold your name card.

Here is a great sample from Savvy Housekeeping

Keep your pictures straight. Keep your frames balanced when you hang them on the wall.  Just slice two small pieces from a wine cork (the same size) and glue them to the left and right bottom corners of your photo frames.

Sow a seed. Keep your green thumb clean and have even sowing holes and the same time.  The next time you are sowing seeds in the garden use a wine cork to create your small holes.  If you want to be faster attach several wine corks to a board spaced out according to your planting preferences.  Just flip the board over and press the corks lightly into the ground; lift and pop your seeds in all of your new holes.

Make a Picture Pretty. Wine corks make wonderful photo backgrounds.  I have a tutorial on this site; check it out HERE.

The Obvious Cork Board. A cork board seems to be an awesome suggestion, but I had to share this cool version of one.  I will have to make one when I collect enough corks.  Thanks

Stamps! Carve shapes from your wine cork to make unique and personlized stamps.

Give a bird a home. Another great idea from is to reuse old wine corks to build a bird house.  The birds will love their new hip home.

Carry them with you. My all time FAVORITE!  Make a wine cork purse.  I have to figure out how to do this.  And when I do I you will be the first to know.  I love it!  Check out an example on


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reuses for Wine Corks.

  1. I just saw an ad in knitter’s magazine selling corks with holes drilled in them for needle stoppers – they stop your stitches from falling off the needles when you are not knitting! I am going to make some of these.


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