How to Reuse Playing Cards to make Petal Earrings.

A while back I made some simple playing card earrings that I deemed perfect for your next poker night or crazy Las Vegas weekend.  Well, I have now designed version TWO of my playing card earrings product line.  This version is a bit smaller, slightly more complicated and still just as fun!  So, if you have a deck of cards laying around that you are wondering how to reuse, I have a tutorial that will upcycle 2 of those cards.  If you are looking to reuse playing cards, you stopped by the right blog today my friend, here you go!

How to Reuse Playing Cards to Make Petal Shaped Earrings:

1.  Pick the two cards that you would like to use.  I chose the king and queen of spades.

2.  Cut 3 petal shapes from each card.

3.  Lay the petals in a stack and spread them out so that the tops are still stacked but the bottoms are expanding away from each other.

4.  Pick a button to go on the top of your petals.  Get some thread and a sewing needle (tie a double or triple knot at the end).  Push the needle through all three cards and then through one of the button holes.  Keep sewing your thread through each button hole.

5.  When you have gone through each button hole twice cut the thread where it meets the needle (you need extra thread to attach your earring hook).  Now you have two pieces of thread.  Tie them in a knot two times to secure your button and cards in place.

6.  Hold your earring by the top of the thread and let it spin until it settles.  Put the thread through the earring hook so that the front side of your earring will show when the hook is in your ear.  Tie two knots to attach the thread to the earring hook.

7.  Repeat steps 3-6 for the other card.

And there you go, easy as easy!

Have fun wearing your awesome new earrings.


4 thoughts on “How to Reuse Playing Cards to make Petal Earrings.

  1. Wow, what a great idea. I really appreciate the imagination that goes into creating something from nothing. You are very creative. Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Betsy! I have had a great deal of fun stretching my “art brain” these past few months. Creative reuse is a great way to wander through one’s imagination. The possibilities become endless after a while! Keep on reusing!


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